Engagement Session // Chattooga River

Matt & Hannah

It was the first week of freshman year when Matt and Hannah met. Little did they know God had been orchestrating their relationship and the moments to come far before they could piece it together. Matt was taking an afternoon nap while Hannah was taking a tour of the boy's dorm with her friends who were Resident Assistants. When Hannah and her friends arrived to THE room, they struck up conversation with Matt's roommate. Nobody had any clue Matt was even there sleeping. With all the talking going on Matt woke up. When he did he saw the gorgeous girl (Hannah) sitting on the floor at the foot of his bed. He battled whether he should follow his shy instincts and stay asleep, or if he should see if Hannah's personality matched her beauty. He chose to engage Hannah in conversation and man did he choose right. He was blown away. Luckily Hannah happened to fall fond of Matt's smiley personality. They naturally struck up  conversation about their love for rock climbing and the outdoors. Though neither one of them could remember each other's names they remembered the non-stop smiling throughout the conversation. They had no idea but they would soon be working knee to knee, elbow to elbow on the Chapel Tech Team for the University; Hannah on the computer projection and Matt on lighting. With Matt's "kind heart and cheek-hurting sense of humor" and Hannah's "stunning beauty in quick wit", they quickly fell in love. Now, almost 3 years later they are engaged and so ready and excited to get married this fall!