Family Session // Pendleton, SC

The Reese family

Families. They are all unique and different. Full of little moments that are here for second and then gone only to be filled with different and new moments. Each season/chapter/time of peoples lives are special and should be cherished for what they are. Embracing everything that comes with each passing one. We grow from them, love deeper because of them, see the world and the people in it with new lenses, and become fuller humans as a result of them. Time is precious and in life it never stops moving! Thats why I love coming a long side families to document moments otherwise potently lost in the craziness of life and its forever fast pace, seeming at light speed. below is an example of little moments in a time of life this family is in . A time that will never be the same. That isn't a bad thing, just different. each time is full of its blessings and difficulties, ups and downs, highs and lows al which make up life and who we are as humans.

The Reese's  are currently fostering one kid Laddie, 21 months  (why his face is blurred bc it cant shown ... SO SAD because he is the cutest kid ever!!) and have an adopted son, Michael, who is 4 years old. they are in a special season in life and it was such a honor to document it! This family so pure sweetness and full of fun and love! ENJOY! 

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reese family -83.JPG
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