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Humanizing Through Story

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 Life is full of people--people who have stories, stories that are worth telling. When I pick up my camera, my desire is to capture the real and authentic moments of life, to give a voice to the voiceless, to share someone’s vision, to stand up for social justice and equality, to give value to the passions of people, and more importantly, to give value to the people themselves. I’m a risk-taking artist with a desire to inspire others to dream bigger, love deeper, and risk more. By going anywhere, meeting anyone, and risking everything, I hope to show the beauty of the world and its people, cultures, and art, but also to shed light on its oppression, injustice, and inequality. Everyone has a story, and it’s worth telling because every story matters.

I hope my work will inspire people to go make a difference in their own community and around the world, to find and see the beauty of life in its many stages and walks of life, and to embolden them to stand in the gap.





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Jon Stegenga

Founder of Humanizing Through Story and currently the solo contributor to this site.

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