Wall of Forgotten Natives


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.ā€ - African Proverb

My name is Mariah Joy, and I believe we were designed to live in community. I believe our liberation is bound up in each other. I believe that every human being has equal worth, and it is my desire and responsibility as an artist to portray this.

Have you ever been immersed in another culture? My photography was birthed out of such experiences. Currently, the bulk of my work is dedicated to telling love stories around the globe and celebrating couples who harmonize their unique cultures through their covenant. They are like mini prisms, refracting the light of this cruel world, and showing up in colorful reconciliation. The vision for the future is combining community development + photography. Collaboration and education is the key here. I am honored to be a contributor to Humanizing Through Story and pray that you will be open to growing pains and paradigm shifts.

Little bits about me:

I like when bonfire smell stays in my clothes.

My go-to food is Indian and Thai curry.

When Iā€™m feeling stressed, I picture myself at the bottom of a waterfall.

I am currently studying the East and Central African language Swahili, as Kenya stole my heart in 2012 and Congo (DRC) is part of the vision going forward.

I enjoy clean eating and learning about alternative medicine.

Cuban-style salsa dancing anyone? Just tell me where and when!

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